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Welcome, Realtors®!

Do you have a client participating in the NeighborWorks Lincoln Homeownership Program? Please review this information and reach out to Anna, Melanie, or Paul with any questions!

Meet Your Homeownership Team

Anna Lyman
Homeownership Director | HUD-Certified Housing Counselor
Direct: 531.249.1057

Anna oversees the Homeownership Team. She manages the loan closing process for NeighborWorks Lincoln, while also addressing inquiries from both clients and real estate professionals regarding program details and loan closure procedures.

Melanie Thompson
Housing Education Coordinator | HUD-Certified Housing Counselor
Direct: 531.249.5738

Melanie oversees the Homebuyer Education Class. She conducts 1-on-1 housing counseling with clients and answers questions regarding program details.

Paul Reiter
Rehab Manager
Direct: 531.249.5653

Paul oversees all property inspections on behalf of clients to ensure eligibility for purchase within our program parameters. He offers guidance and addresses inquiries from clients and real estate professionals regarding qualification criteria for rehabilitation, and provides a list of approved contractors and review of the project bids once obtained.

Important Things to Know

  • If you have not previously worked with a NeighborWorks Lincoln (NWL) buyer we encourage you to reach out. There is a process that has to be followed.
  • The property must meet NWL program guidelines.
    • To ensure this you must allow 45 days from the date the offer is accepted to the closing date. This gives Paul time to complete his inspection (prior to any other inspections) and report.
    • If additional inspections are requested he will need to review those prior to submitting his property inspection report to the lender. The lender must have this report before ordering the appraisal.
    • The buyer and Realtor® must contact at least two of the approved contractors (list provided by NWL) to obtain bids for rehab work. Bids are then reviewed by Paul and the buyer. The final accepted bid is then submitted to the lender in order to receive final loan approval.


Refugee + Immigrant Grant

Buyers receiving down payment assistance from NWL's Refugee + Immigrant Grant are required to complete a radon inspection.

  • Please be sure to check the appropriate box in the MLS purchase agreement that allows the buyer to complete inspections on the property.
  • If the radon inspection shows a level that requires mitigation an inspection addendum will need to be completed wherein the buyer requests the seller mitigate the radon at their expense.

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