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Increasing Lincoln’s Affordable Housing Supply

Lincoln faces a significant deficit of affordable housing. NeighborWorks Lincoln is focused on practical solutions that will improve access to an array of affordable housing options that will meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community. 

Building high-quality, affordable housing lessens the financial burden associated with housing and improves the financial stability and economic resiliency of low- and middle-income families. Ultimately, individuals and families who purchase NeighborWorks homes worry less about their housing security or unexpected repair costs and parlay that stability into growth in other areas of their lives. These first-time homeowners are able to send their children to the same school year-around, retire debts, build their savings, and pursue educational goals. This is how Lincoln can disrupt the cycle of poverty and ensure equitable opportunities to all children, regardless of birthplace.

One affordable home at a time, though, will not address the City’s challenging trends. In an effort to address current and future demand, NeighborWorks Lincoln is piloting tools, such as our citywide Community Land Trust, that will help protect and preserve permanent affordable housing.

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