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Stronger Together Curriculum

The Stronger Together curriculum was designed to foster sustainable community development and innovative problem solving by tapping into the rich resources that every local community holds. At the heart of this approach is the recognition of community assets -  the skills of community members, the depth of local history and culture, and the tangible physical infrastructure and space. 

These assets, often overlooked, are crucial for sparking positive change within communities. This curriculum is rooted in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) values, which emphasize the importance of recognizing and utilizing these local strengths.

This curriculum unfolds over eight carefully structured lessons, each built on ABCD practices and values. Participants will embark on a journey to understand the concept of strengths at both individual and community levels, become aware of their neighborhood’s unique history and culture, and discover the potential of their local infrastructure and spaces. Through a blend of classroom learning and practical, hands-on experiences, including directed walking tours and creative projects, learners will not only grasp ABCD concepts but also apply them in real-world contexts to make a tangible impact on their surroundings.

This curriculum was initially designed for the young minds of the Malone/Hawley neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has proven its effectiveness and versatility. Engaging primary school-aged children in after-school programs, the NeighborWorks Lincoln team has seen firsthand how these lessons can illuminate the specific characteristics and capabilities of any community. While examples are deeply rooted in the Malone/Hawley experience, the foundational principles of this curriculum are universally applicable, making it an invaluable resource for after-school program facilitators, ABCD instructors, and community groups aiming to enhance their communities. 

Click here to download the Stronger Together curriculum.

Learning Objectives

Participants will achieve a set of interrelated objectives that will resonate with the core ABCD values:

  • Learn about the concept of individual assets, gifts, strengths, and talents.
  • Practice various forms of expression to share their strengths with peers and the wider community.
  • Utilize the five senses as a guide to reflect on their observations and experiences of the local neighborhood and its unique features, strengths, and resources.
  • Use photography and other media to explore the local community and capture the essence of the neighborhood.
  • Create visions for the local neighborhood and community through creative expression and share this vision with others.
  • Collaborate as a group in forming a collective vision for a neighborhood-based art project.
  • Celebrate the achievements and progress of the group.

Whether you are an educator, community leader, or involved in after-school programming, this curriculum offers a robust framework for engaging with and enriching your community through ABCD practices. NeighborWorks Lincoln invites you to explore, adapt, and implement these lessons to harness the potential within your neighborhood, fostering a vibrant, empowered community.

For any questions about the Stronger Together curriculum, please contact Community Builder, Tut Kailech, at

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