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Homeownership Applications

Before applying for our Homeownership Program, please take a moment to review and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

Homeownership Program Application Requirements

  • Household income must fall under certain guidelines (see chart) 
  • Must have a credit score of 640 or better
  • No bankruptcy discharge within the past 5 years
  • Continuous job history for the past 2 years (Less if recent graduate from college in applicable job field)
  • A minimum of $1,000 for a down payment (must be your own money and not from a gift)
  • A minimum of $900 for a monthly payment
  • Interested in purchasing a home within 6 months (Please note: this program does not guarantee that you will purchase a home within 6 months as that is dependent on current housing market trends, housing conditions, your budget and other qualification as listed above.)
  • or must take this class to satisfy another program requirement with another community partner

If you meet these minimum requirements then please continue to the application that applies to you and your household. 

All adult members of the household are considered Applicants. You must include all sources of income on the application to ensure you meet income requirements. 

Complete the application online. 

Complete the application offline.

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