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Malone Neighborhood & Hawley Historic District

The Malone neighborhood is a historically Black/African-American neighborhood in Lincoln. The racist practice of redlining in the twentieth century segregated residents of color into limited areas in the city, leading to many Black residents finding a home in the Malone neighborhood and the establishment of a socially and culturally vibrant community for its transplanted residents. That would not last long, however, as many Black homeowners would be forced out of this neighborhood in an effort to construct a highway that would bisect the area. The highway project never manifested due to resident push-back; however, the impact of the project had already displaced a number of residents, which was further exacerbated by the property acquisition in the area by the University of Nebraska. This history is summarized in a series of videos and webinars that NeighborWorks Lincoln (NWL) has produced.

NWL Malone History Videos

The Hawley Historic District was established in the early 1990s and partially overlaps the Malone Neighborhood. This district was named after the architect who designed many of its early homes in the 19th century. Long-term residents of the district have worked to strengthen their neighborhood through connections and collaborative food production known as the “Hawley Hamlet”, Their neighbors have transformed their yards into usable growing spaces. In 2021, NeighborWorks America honored Hamlet’s resident organizers, Tim Rinne and Kay Walter (former and current NWL Board Member), with the Dorothy Richardson Award. In 2022, NWL's local NeighborWorks Week celebrations highlighted the Malone/Hawley community with a block party that featured local musicians, eateries, and community resources, as well as a bike tour that showcased NWL’s real estate improvement projects in the area and beyond.

NWL has maintained a presence in the Malone and Hawley neighborhoods for over 20 years, and its office has been located there since 2016. The organization has completed more than 55 real estate projects in the geography, including new builds and rehabs, since 2010. NWL has also been heavily involved in the North 27th Business Association/Corridor that borders the east side of the neighborhood. This long-term investment in the area was the center of the 2019 Community Impact Measurement (CIM) study of these neighborhoods. Thanks to previous CIMs/surveys, a comparison of the area over a 6-10-year period provided a greater understanding of the investment made and its impact on the area’s real estate and the resident experience.

In September 2022, Community Building + Engagement staff, along with a member of the Board of Directors attended an extensive six-week training on Asset Based Community Development. The team adapted lessons learned from this training to form the aforementioned engagement strategy for residents in the Malone/Hawley community. The ABCD strategy focuses on asset mapping and relationship building through learning conversations with residents and community stakeholders. From these conversations, information was collected on the more than 30 interviewees' strengths, passions, issues and connections. As of December 2023, more than 100 community assets have been mapped. Based on these efforts, the team worked with residents to host a spring neighborhood clean up and a strengths-based summer club for youth at the Malone Community Center, and facilitated the distribution of micro grants to resident-defined community projects.

Little Free Pantry

In late 2023, NWL relocated a Little Free Pantry to the NWL campus at 2530 Q St (located on 26th Street). Residents and partners (NP Dodge, No Coast Junior Derby) work to keep the pantry stocked to help those in our community who are facing food and nutrition insecurity. Click here for a list of requested non-perishable food and hygiene items.

Malone/Hawley Partners

If you are interested in connecting with NWL about the Malone/Hawley neighborhood please contact Community Builder, Tut Kailech, at or 402.477.7181 extension 401.

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