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NeighborWorks Lincoln provides a variety of lending products to meet diverse needs across the housing spectrum: for developers, landlords, and homebuyers.


NeighborWorkforce Fund

In 2022, we launched an initiative focused on expanding workforce housing opportunities for middle- and working-class families across Lincoln. The lack of housing affordable to these families has become a citywide challenge—so much so that the Chamber of Commerce identified housing a cornerstone priority for economic competitiveness. 

In 2021, the State awarded NeighborWorks $1Mn in revolving loan funds to innovate solutions to this generational challenge. These funds were matched with local dollars to result in a $2Mn fund. The NeighborWorkforce Fund will facilitate the development of workforce housing across the City, with special emphasis on buyers between 80% and 120% of Area Median Income (AMI) purchasing homes priced between $125K and $325K in core neighborhoods, where new and rehabilitated housing is most needed. These resources will extend beyond NWL to workforce housing developers and their buyers across the City. 

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Down Payment Assistance (DPA) 

We provide down payment assistance to help defray the costs of buying a home, including down payment and closing costs and property rehabilitation expenses. The assistance amount varies per family and is based on the purchase price of the home and household income. Qualified borrowers can purchase existing homes anywhere within Lincoln city limits (with special incentives for purchasing in specific neighborhoods). The financial assistance provided also covers a limited rehabilitation scope. 

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