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Investment Areas

NeighborWorks Lincoln is in the process of identifying 4 to 6 neighborhoods that have experienced historic disinvestment that will become the focus of the organization’s modified community building strategy. These “investment areas” will concentrate resources and attention where there is the greatest opportunity to reverse historic disinvestment, counteract racial inequities, and advance neighborhoods and residents. Through deep engagement and collaboration with residents, stakeholders, advocates, service providers, and other change agents, we will reverse the trends of historically disenfranchised neighborhoods. This work will be framed through an asset-based community development approach that leverages area strengths—as well as the skills and knowledge of collaborating organizations—to improve neighborhood equity and independence.

This process is ongoing. Stay tuned to learn more about this work. 

Building Resident Leadership

NeighborWorks Lincoln regularly sponsors the participation of neighbor groups in the NeighborWorks America Community Leadership Institute (CLI). This hands-on training strengthens the voice and leadership skills of community leaders.  Participating alongside groups from around the nation in communities served by NeighborWorks organizations. 

Neighborhoods and groups that have previously participated in the CLI include:

  • Clinton
  • Dawes Middle School CLC
  • Everett and Near South
  • Lincoln Policy Network
  • Malone/Hawley 
  • Neighborhood & Environmental Sustainability Group
  • University Place
  • Woods Park

Creative Placemaking

NeighborWorks Lincoln has a long history of being involved in public art installation and other creative placemaking activities. Creative placemaking is the process by which many parts of a community work together to shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, using art and other cultural activities.

Check out some of these examples: 

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