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Congratulations, Boutdy Family!

The image is of people standing posed for a photo, happy after signing closing papers.

Chanpheng Boutdy learned about NeighborWorks through a coworker who had recently participated in the homeowner's program - he had a great experience and suggested she go through the program as well. During the program, she learned that there are loan options for first time home owners; however, many are based on income. If you have a lower income, for example, you would typically qualify for a smaller loan amount (meaning there are less good, quality homes available within your price range). The NWL homeowner's program not only relayed an abundance of knowledge concerning budgeting, understanding of the home buying process, and home maintenance, but it also provided access to an affordable home that may not have otherwise been in her reach.

Her best advice to others is, "Work on getting your credit up and learn to budget. Also, make sure to understand and know your finances before committing to buying a home."

Congratulations on your new home, Boutdy family!

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