A Story of Home Ownership


A-Story-of-Home-OwnershipLenzel and Valentina and their four children had lived in their rental home for over 10 years when the landlord told them he wanted to sell the property and they could buy the home or they would have to move. They were vested in the neighborhood and shared chores and activities with their neighbors. They were willing to do whatever was necessary to purchase their home.

They came to NeighborWorks Lincoln with several credit issues. They landlord gave them time to become mortgage ready. The landlord did some of the rehabilitation we required to be done and the City of Lincoln’s FIRST HOME PROGRAM assisted with a $17,000 forgivable loan, much of which went to exterior improvements.

The family got to stay in their chosen neighborhood and own their rehabilitated home, the neighborhood got a much improved property, and the City of Lincoln got a higher-valued property that will contribute to a larger tax base.

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Opening Doors in Our Community

NeighborWorks Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to community revitalization through an active partnership of resident leaders, private businesses and public officials. We open doors for people to achieve their dreams of home ownership and for others who desire a safe and attractive neighborhood.

What an amazing organization! NeighborWorks Lincoln has changed my life!

– Nykole R.
NeighborWorks Lincoln

NeighborWorks Lincoln