Focus Areas

Free to Grow

NWL staff, residents and community partners in the Near South and Everett Neighborhoods are making strategic and concurrent investments in two main areas; improvements in the physical environment and increased resident leadership and social cohesion. Strategies for development in these areas are designed to be interrelated in implementation and results.

In summary, these strategies are:

Criteria for Neighborhood Selection

Resident Involvement

Lincoln Free to Grow program strategies allow neighborhood residents to take ownership of their own neighborhood by taking active roles in activities that help to improve the quality of life where they live. Without resident participation the program will not be effective.

Neighborhood activities include:

Opening Doors in Our Community

NeighborWorks Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to community revitalization through an active partnership of resident leaders, private businesses and public officials. We open doors for people to achieve their dreams of home ownership and for others who desire a safe and attractive neighborhood.

I’m so thankful for this program and all the people that help make homeownership happen!! It’s been 5 years now [since I bought my home, but it] still feels like yesterday!

– Shauna I.
NeighborWorks Lincoln

NeighborWorks Lincoln