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NeighborWorks Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska


Position Profile:

Executive Director


NeighborWorks Lincoln (NWL) has been revitalizing neighborhoods and supporting homeownership, keeping Lincoln a safe and prosperous community, since its founding as Neighborhood Housing Services in 1986.  NeighborWorks Lincoln encourages better neighborhoods by:

Throughout its history, NWL has been a leader in community development. NWL was the first nonprofit in Nebraska to offer homebuyer education courses and a comprehensive homeownership program.  In 2017, NWL earned and has retained the achievement of “Exemplary Status,” the top rating awarded by our national affiliate, NeighborWorks America.  We continue to strengthen the core of the city through the revitalization of diminishing properties and neighborhoods, adding value to the place we call home.


NeighborWorks Lincoln operates the following three programs:

Homeownership Program

Homeownership is essential in establishing and sustaining strong neighborhoods. NeighborWorks Lincoln provides face to face training to help clients navigate the home buying process and become knowledgeable, effective and productive homeowners. Homebuying classes are provided monthly including topics such as credit, home pricing, the people and paperwork involved, and the homebuying timeline. Clients may be eligible for 0% down payment assistance loans to help them make their home purchase. Credit counseling is available for those not yet qualified to purchase a home.

Real Estate Development

The Real Estate Development program strives to develop affordable and desirable housing in Lincoln, and is committed to creating safe neighborhoods. The program engages new homeowners and residents in activities that improve existing housing in some neighborhoods. The revitalization work results in jobs for local contractors and realtors, increased homeownership rates, decreased crime, raised property values, growth in tax revenues and safer neighborhoods for children and families.

Community Building

This program is designed to strengthen Lincoln by encouraging community engagement and building resident leadership capacity. Leadership skills are enhanced through a variety of community building programs that provide support and resources to residents as they work to identify community problems, formulate community-based solutions and take action to transform their neighborhoods.

About the Organization:  Structure and Leadership Opportunity

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NeighborWorks Lincoln is  governed by a 14-member board of directors who bring the organization a wide range of skills, community contacts and perspectives. The Board and executive director will complete NWA’s ‘Excellence in Governance’ training in the fall. Through this program, the Board and interim executive director are working on an action plan to optimize board governance.

NeighborWorks Lincoln is a chartered member of NeighborWorks America, a national network of more than 240 similar community development organizations. As a NeighborWorks organization, NWL operates locally, while thinking and participating nationally, and gaining access to financial resources, training opportunities and the experience of hundreds of colleagues around the country.

NeighborWorks Lincoln has an operating budget of $1.1 million.  In addition, capital construction revenues and expenses for the properties sold during the year, and construction in progress add to a larger consolidated annual budget.  The operating budget supports a strong staff of 9, which is very committed to NWL’s mission.

The staff operates with a casual workplace culture and a good camaraderie among team members who respect each other and each’s different role in fulfilling NWL’s mission. Currently, the staff is led by Interim Executive Director Terry Uland, who had previously served as Executive Director of NeighborWorks Lincoln from 1991-2007.

NWL has been funded by many community partners historically, including the City of Lincoln, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, several local foundations, individual donors and NeighborWorks America.  The City of Lincoln is a growing Midwestern metropolitan community full of hardworking people and plenty of opportunities for success. It’s a great place to start or expand your business – and a great place to call home.  Currently in the midst of the largest period of growth in its history, Lincoln is building on its reputation for quality of life, safety, and environmental measures taken to present a city that’s  affordable, accessible and most of all….thriving.

The successful candidate will inherit an organization with an excellent reputation in the community, earned over 34 years of good work in the Lincoln community. NeighborWorks Lincoln’s three programs – homeownership, real estate development, and community development build on one another and create an overall impact that is greater than the sum of their parts. The organization has an engaged and committed board that is on a continuing development trajectory as an effective governing body, and strong relationships with partner organizations.

The Position and Priorities

The Executive Director will have the following strategic priorities for the first 18-24 months of his/her tenure:

Advocate for the cause of affordable housing and strong neighborhoods in Lincoln by:

Bring visionary thinking to development of the organization’s strategic plan.  Planning should include:

Provide effective leadership and support to staff, including:


The Executive Director personifies the mission of NeighborWorks Lincoln. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ED provides leadership for the organization, and is responsible for the overall management, strategic direction, fundraising, accountability, and administration to ensure the organization achieves its goals.

Ideal candidates for this position will be passionate about NeighborWorks Lincoln’s mission and will have excellent leadership, management, communications and relationship building skills in order to lead a strong team, grow programs and raise funds for the organization. The ED should have nonprofit leadership experience, including expertise in housing development, and bring a strategic perspective to the organization, including the ability to think outside the box. The ideal candidate is a dynamic leader and independent thinker, open to new ideas and input from the NeighborWorks team and other community stakeholders.

Preferred qualifications include:

Job Requirements

Working Conditions

Work is performed typically in an office environment and a variety of settings among diverse stakeholders and audiences. A considerable amount of time will be spent in meetings, at a computer screen for extended periods, at NWL events, and speaking before public audiences. Frequent use of phones and e-mail will be required to communicate with stakeholders. Frequently works outside normal working hours and will need to travel due to work performed with donors and other stakeholders in the community. Occasional travel out of town and out of state will be required.

Compensation:   Based on experience.  Also includes 80% of employee only medical coverage, employer contributions toward retirement plan and health savings account.

Application Process

To apply, interested candidates should e-mail their cover letter and resume to:

(E-mail applications with a cover letter are required.)

NeighborWorks Lincoln is an Equal Opportunity Employer and makes its hiring decisions without regard for race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Opening Doors in Our Community

NeighborWorks Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to community revitalization through an active partnership of resident leaders, private businesses and public officials. We open doors for people to achieve their dreams of home ownership and for others who desire a safe and attractive neighborhood.

What an amazing organization! NeighborWorks Lincoln has changed my life!

– Nykole R.
NeighborWorks Lincoln

NeighborWorks Lincoln