9th & D Request for Proposals


Request for Proposals-Tell us your ideas!
NeighborWorks Lincoln is seeking design services for the redevelopment of two vacant lots into single-family residential homes located in the South Downtown area located at 9th & D Streets. The addresses affected by this Notice are NeighborWorks Lincoln-owned lots at 828 D Street and 848 D Street.

The intent of this RFP is to have the firms under consideration specifically address the services required and provide a well-considered price proposal for those services.  NeighborWorks Lincoln’s preference will be for unique and creative designs focused on building a sense of community. Interested architects or design teams are encouraged to submit proposals for the site.

Pertinent guiding principles include:

  • New Residential Project – encourage a range of single-family housing types for low-moderate income families.
  • Unique Attributes – approach planning and design as an interdisciplinary effort. Define and understand a neighborhood’s unique sense of place by honoring its historic quality attributes and characteristics.

The project must also be consistent with the Lincoln Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan. The 9th & D Street project is expected to be a catalyst for reinvestment in the surrounding area and is important to the relationship between the South Haymarket neighborhood plan, South Salt Creek and Everett neighborhoods.

The architectural firm selected will provide the following:

  1. A conceptual plan for the sites, incorporating the latest thinking in the field concerning housing requirements.
  2. Specific conceptual drawings and detailed engineering and construction drawings that will serve as the basis for both bidding and construction by a general contractor.

Submittal Requirements
NeighborWorks Lincoln will consider all requests for proposals. Seven (7) hard copies must be provided, and an electronic version must be emailed to sryba@nwlincoln.org with “9th & D” in the subject line. Proposals are limited to a maximum of 25 pages. Letters of support, commitment or references may be attached and will not count toward the 25 page maximum. Submit project design proposals to NeighborWorks Lincoln at any time up to 4:30 p.m. CDT, January 1, 2016. Proposals should be submitted to the attention of Shawn Ryba, Chief Operating Officer, 2530 Q Street, Lincoln, NE 68503. Envelopes or boxes should be clearly marked “9th & D Streets Proposal.” NeighborWorks Lincoln’s preference is for residential single-family homes for homeownership. Additional information may be requested prior to architect selection.

Documentation provided should be at a level of detail that provides an opportunity for an accurate evaluation of the proposal. The documentation submitted will be used to evaluate proposals and select the preferred architect(s). The selected architect(s) will be required to provide more detailed information during the negotiation process.

  1. The Architect/Design Team Qualifications

The proposal should identify the architect(s), including all members of the design team, role, and background experience of members, including identification of comparable successful projects completed by team members. List any professional consultants outside your firm whom you propose would provide services not available in your firm.  Include name of firm, complete address, contact person, phone and email address, and internet address.  Provide a general statement of qualifications that responds to the project description above. Submit a list of all housing projects your firm has in progress and the status of each, along with a list of the last five housing projects completed.  Include name of projects, client contact, total initial budget, and total project cost.

  1. Project Plans
  2. Narrative project description of design/concept proposed and the manner in which the objectives of the invitation for proposal will be addressed.
  3. Preliminary schematic designs of the project, including site plans. All proposals are subject to the Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan and all applicable City codes and ordinances. Each can be found the City’s website.
  4. Architectural Service
  5. Provide your current workload and how you would accommodate this project
  6. Describe in detail the process you would follow from schematic approval through approval of final design.
  7. Outline the design schedule you would implement
  8. Describe your method for consensus building, including your role, the methodology employed, and the outcome.
  9. Describe how your firm can add value to this project and the process and include examples of situations from comparable projects where the owner realized tangible value.

Questions concerning the proposal submittal should be directed to Shawn Ryba, Chief Operating Officer at sryba@nwlincoln.org or 402-477-7181, ext. 102.

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